What Is LemonsLemonade?

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A Conversion Of Any Kind — From Sourness To All Things Sweet

How It Has Come To Be:

The product of my eight months research to find and get myself to dive into the most fulfilling way I could sit behind my computer and share my love and movement towards proper polished, working under total p

Okay. Let’s do this again.

I think. A lot. Too Much.

And so sometime back in January 2016, I’m thinking, and I’m thinking, ” Why aren’t we doing as much with our lives as we’d like to?”

“Why aren’t we getting as much fulfillment as we should be today?”

“Where are all the potentials we should be radiating with?”

“Why has every corner become polluted with so much negative energy?”

“How many of us are really living?”

I have no shame to tell you I didn’t get every single answer that day.
And I still havent.

I haven’t learn it all just yet, I have only learnt that I want to.

To think about these life questions analytically and share all of it with you is the plan here.


Simply because I can’t seem to find anything more colorful and eye-candy material-like than an ever-advancing,soaked in positivity and life kind of person,inwards and right out.

This is why LemonsLemonade has come to be.

LemonsLemonade would simply be juice from the heart of a young yet obsessed reasoner, to the intellectually inclined, the lovers of life, the sober ones, everyone of us who craves to evolve, to grow, to learn, and to boldly approach life from all angles.

No matter how bluntly — or sharp as hell, it comes at us.

And still be living.
Really living.

So stay with me through this ride, could you?
This should be worth it.
I promise.

Deliciously Yours To Savour,