Twelve Signs It’s Okay To Give Up And Move On

“I ended up dropping out of high school.
I’m a high school dropout, which I’m not proud to say. I had some teachers that I still think of fondly and were amazing to me. But I had other teachers who said, ‘You know what? This dream of yours is a hobby. When are you going to give it up?’ I had teachers who I could tell didn’t want to be there. And I just couldn’t get inspired by someone who didn’t want to be there.”
― Hilary Swank

I don’t give up too often.
It’s a good thing. And it’s a horrible thing.
I give too much into working on what I choose to work on.
For me, it’s everything or nothing.
But when I do (and finally) say my goodbyes, I don’t carry one speck of dust out of that dirt.
And I never go back. 
So that part’s good.

Often times, you hear the saying, “Giving up is not an option.”

Well sometimes, it’s the only option. We just don’t like admitting it.

So, how do you decide when it’s time to drop it?

How do you make sure it really is time and you’re not walking away too soon and making a gigantic mistake you’d end up regretting?

Whether it’s a job, a relationship of any sort or something you’re working on, here are twelve signs we most often underplay:
1. You’re unconsciously searching for a reason to get out of there.


This, for me, is the biggest. 

As soon as I see this, I just know.

I just find myself searching for a loophole: something, anything for me to hold accountable, and then I run off.

Just something to justify my actions. 

Sometimes, we like to misinterpret this as laziness or weakness or cowardice.

But sometimes it’s not.

It’s you. It’s your inner sub-consciousness.

And most times, you won’t find that reason to give up too easily, simply because you really don’t want to.
2. Everyone is seeing it except you.

We usually see it last, now don’t we?

(And when I say everybody, you know it’s really everybody — and you start to wonder if they had some coven meeting and are here to make things more complicated for you.)

People usually see these things before us.

You know those times you don’t remember you just got a new air freshener until the best friend comes around and says something smells different and for some seconds you can’t grasp what they’re talking about?

Well, same applies here.

 Only it takes a lot of us more than seconds to see their point is valid.
3. That one thing determines everything else for you.

Your entire mood, how you’re feeling, your emotional stability,your enthusiastic energy or your “I just want to stay in bed for a year”, your #Litday or your “can it be Christmas already”, revolves around that one thing.

One quick advice out of personal experiences: 

If there is one thing/human in your life that your entire self literally depends on to determine how you’re seeing life at that moment: Change that, RIGHT NOW! Quick

4. The harder you push, the harsher you’re thrown back to the ground.


It’s like the more effort you put in to making things work, the worse it turns out.

That’s because sometimes it’s not about trying too hard, it’s stopping to see why less or more really doesn’t change anything.

It’s not you that’s the problem, and so it’s not going to be what you do or do not do that’ll change everything.
5. You readily bear all of the crosses.

Yours (a bit too eagerly),and the ones that aren’t yours (simple because you just have to, your head tells you.)

As long as it takes down the tension in the air, you’re willing to bear the responsibility.

You’re willing to take the blame.

You’re willing to make all the sacrifices.

Every single time.


Stop breaking your back for all the wrong reasons.

6. Even the good things aren’t enjoyable anymore.

On the days that everything isn’t “super suckish”, it’s still hard to fully relax.

You’re still sitting at the edge, because you just know it won’t last and something is just waiting to mess it all up.

And that’s so torturing to deal with continuously.
7. When you fear this is the best it can possibly be. And so you settle for it.


If you’re at this point, the other reasons why you need to give up have probably been making a lot of noise above your head but you’ve somehow managed to ignore them.

Now you’re thinking, “Well, no relationship is perfect” and “Everybody is simply working to survive. I’m not the only one who’s managing.”

No, sweetie. No, you’re not.

But alot of people have quit relationships that only tore them down and have opted for healing in healthier ones and a lot more have walked out on jobs that were slowly destroying them and never looked back.
It’s one of those traits of successful and fulfilled people.

You think they all had backup plans and really tough guts when doing that? 

Not all, trust me.

They just recognized the urgency.
8. When you’re desperately holding onto memories than the moment.

What used to be.

The good ol’ days when everything was better.

When it wasn’t so rigid and difficult.

At least you got them. Right?

But you don’t. They’re not here anymore.

If your past looks better than your present, if you’re happier asleep than awake, you’re wrong.
9. Fear of the unknown.

“What if things change next week but I leave today and never find out?”

“What if I don’t get anything better?”

“What if me leaving doesn’t change anything?” 

Sometimes, we just need to focus on the now, and leave tomorrow to handle itself.

What do you need to do right now?

Do that first.
10. You’re being drained — constantly. 


And it’s showing.

 In every single aspect of your life, it’s penetrating through.

You’re tired. You’re worked out. You’re uninspired.

You’re lonely.

 You want to be lonely. 

You want someone to notice. 

You wish everything would just go away. 

You wish they would care like they should. 

It’s all muddled up,and you can’t help it.
11. When your opinions don’t matter much anymore.

And not just out loud, but in your head too.

You tell yourself to quit whining and to deal with it even when you don’t necessarily have to.

No matter what they say:

You aren’t making a big deal out of this and your feelings do matter every single time.

Don’t silence your own voice. For anyone and anything.
12. When you’re compromising and changing.

We all have certain values we hold dear to our hearts. 

And once you find yourself having to let go of a couple and bend some more, you need to run.

You need to drop it and run.

Nothing that’s meant for you would cause you to force yourself into a tight uncomfortable box.

Instead it expands you to do much more.

Now, this article isn’t to encourage you to give up when faced with just any challenge — but a roadblock is different from when the road’s closed, and we need to start recognizing that.

Most times, giving up is painted as a terrible thing.

“You’ve been doing this for 10 years. Now you THINK you have to quit because you don’t feel happy?”

“How can you walk away from that relationship? Everybody already knows about you both!”

And then we convince ourselves that “maybe it’s not that bad, maybe I’m over exaggerating, maybe I just need to be more patient.”


You own you. 

And so anything in your life holding you down and distorting your potential needs to go.

You don’t need to understand it all fully, you don’t need to give yourself or anyone else a concrete explanation.

Sometimes there is none.

Like someone said:

“If it don’t make you happy, leave it alone.

If I don’t make you happy, leave me alone.”
Life is really that simple.

Oh, it is. I promise.

Did this sound logical? Make much sense? 

Please let me know your thoughts through the comments section.
And one quick request; if this was helpful, I’d appreciate it if you could share with anyone who needs to see this as well.
Pretty please?
Here’s to the weekend: May it be as toxic free and love filled as possible!


Deliciously Yours To Savour,

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  • Prayze

    Inspiring!… Now I know when to say “bye” and drop it…

    • Aww 🙂
      So good to hear that, Prayze
      Thank you so much for reading!

  • Lara

    nice piece

  • I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes it is better to give up something and move on, find new ways, new goals, new challenges. But sometimes it is very hard to do…

    • That’s true
      It’s still not easy
      But like they say, one door has to be shut for another to swing open!

  • This is great and I agree with all the points. I also like the way this was written with both truth and humour! yes I will be sharing this!

    • Hehe thank you so much Sheri!
      I’m glad you like it 🙂

  • What a great post. I felt like you were talking directly to me in some of those comments. I agree about what makes you happy. Life is too short to be unhappy.

    • It is. Much too short.
      Thank you! 🙂

  • I agree. If you aren’t happy, it might be time to move on. Life IS too short to stay miserable.

    • Glad you see the point too 🙂
      Thanks, Amber Myers!

  • Such an inspiring post. Its really important to realize when its time to let go!

    • Yeah, it is.
      Even when we don’t exactly want to.

  • I’m not sure if I should comment now or in an hour when I think about everything I read and apply to relationships. Really interesting post.

    • Feel free to take your time with it 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • This is simply a revelation in a string of words
    Keep on shining dear!!

  • I really, really needed this today. Thank you for sharing. I’ll have to keep my chin up and persevere <3

    • And best of luck with that!
      Thank you for reading 🙂

  • Great tips! Sometimes when youre in it, everyone sees it but you…

    • So true, we always turn out to be oblivious to it all.

  • It is super important to realize when to back away from a situation. Sometimes life can be a little much and you have to put yourself into a better circumstance.

    • Exactly
      And one has to understand that sometimes that’s just how life turns out
      Things go totally bad and you just have to throw it out of your life.

  • Learning to let go is difficult to embrace but it’s so much healthier than hanging on to something that’s draining you.

    • It sure is
      And it’s the start towards finding something that’s less toxic for one.

  • Nice post! I used to hold on for too long, but now… Meh.. I learned my lesson and can’t be bothered to try and push my head trough the wall again…

    • Lol, that sounds like a much more easier way to go through life, Annie.
      Good for you!

  • There is so much truth to this. Sometimes you need to remove the goggles and see clearly that moving on is the right direction. I love the meme about loving food more than people. This is clearly as sign to move on!

    • Lool, food never hurts one (or at least so we believe! Hehe.)
      Glad you agree with me, Janine Good.
      Thanks for reading.

  • Ana

    Can’t agree more! I believe in doing your best and then leaving the rest, at least you won’t regret that you haven’t given your best shot!

    • That’s so true
      And I think that’s something that’s helpful to remember: You did your best, and that is more than enough.

  • Often it’s not giving up so much as self-preservation. When you’ve done all you can do.

    • Self-preservation
      I like how you put that.
      Sometimes we give so much of ourself away, we don’t even recognize what’s left of us.

  • Great post! I agree, once your opinion doesn’t matter it’s time to move on.

    • Exactly.
      Your opinions always matter, in every situation.
      Thank you! 🙂

  • Sometimes it is hard for people to know when to leave it be and move on. I think this are great reasons and hopefully help someone when they are feeling stuck! Great job!

  • The meme’s are just too funny loved this piece. Jumping not knowing what on the other side is scarily but I always whats more scarily is not knowing what could have happened.

    • True
      Sometimes, we just need to see the present as scary enough to move towards that unknown
      Glad you liked the Gif meme’s 🙂

  • Wendy Polisi

    Agree! sometimes, it’s not our destiny. Moving on, so life goes on.

  • Sometimes we are so absorbed with what we’re doing, that we fail to let go when we need to. This is a great reminder to watch out for the signs. Love the list of signs!

    • Glad you do, Vaishnavi
      Thank you for stopping by!

  • If it’s not working out for me then I would definitely drop it.

    • I’ve learnt to do the exact same too, no matter how tough!

  • When something is not making you happy it’s best to let it go even if you don’t want to. Maybe it was just part of life learning experiences to help us grow smarter and stronger.

    • Yeah, some things are supposed to be here for a period of time,and like you said,most times to help us grow in one form or another.

  • Jasmin N

    What a wonderful post! This is excactly how I’m feeling with my job at the moment, but thank goodness I’ll be having a long long long vacay from it soon as soon as I’m going to be a mother of a beautiful little baby.
    10 weeks left at work & then it’s my time to take a little vacation.
    I don’t feel like giving it up yet, I’m going to try how it feels and go back there from maternity leave, but if it doesn’t feel good at all I’ll going to have to let it go. Right now, it’s tearing me to pieces.

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    • Aww, congratulations about your baby on the way 🙂
      And I pray you get all the clarity you need during your vacation to decide on what’s best!

  • Let it go. I wouldn’t wait for that many signs to move on. I’m a big believer in things happen for a reason.

  • Nifesimi

    Nice…getting new ways is much better than killing your self in a closed’s too short…thanks Ima

  • Interesting post! I agree with on what makes you happy. Life is too short to be unhappy. Letting go is hard, but staying is even harder.

    • Exactly, it’s all about going for the best option in a long term, no matter how tough.

  • Sometimes I think there is too much focus on not quitting. Not stopping when it isn’t right for you can be just as harmful I think!

    • It is!
      We just have to find the willpower to let go when we know we need to.

  • Really needed to read this, then read it 100 times more. It’s always hard to give up and move on. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hehe
      And I hope it’s helpful every time 🙂
      Thank you Nicky!

  • What a great post! Sometimes it can be difficult to give up on things, but mental health is so much more important than staying in a bad situation. I hope posts like this give people the strength the need to move on <3

    • 🙂 Good to know people understand this, and I hope this post helps those who need it too.
      Thank you!

  • Great article. I agree, giving up sometimes is the best thing you can do. But it’s just the sound of ‘giving up’ that has a bad connotation for most. It can also be: choosing another direction. Or change plans. Most implant for me is : Even the good things aren’t enjoyable anymore. If that’s the case, run! And choose another path.

    • Here
      Yeah, I agree with you Carola.
      But no matter how you choose to put it or see it, bottom line like you said is that simple: If it’s not enjoyable anymore, that’s a sign.
      We’re meant to live great lives, and not to “bear it” all through.

  • Sometimes you just have to cut your loses and give yourself a pat on the back for trying! I dropped out of high school but later went to college had a wonderful life and a lucrative career, I don’t regret anything in life and have given up on many things, sometimes you have to do that to be kind to yourself!

    • And it takes plenty of guts to just do you, find your own path and put yourself first.
      I’m glad you took the steps you knew were right for you, thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  • Sometimes it’s best to let go and move on. It’s sad to have to do it but it’s reality.

    • Yeah.
      Not the easiest thing, but definitely the best.

  • This is post is very inspiring! I agree that at times it’s okay to give up and move on, i guess it gives inner peace at times to one.

    • Yes, it does
      And that’s super important.

  • Shane

    This was super insightful advice! It’s so true that settling for less than the very best will be your downfall. You owe it to yourself to give up!

    • Exactly
      We need to understand that the best things for ourselves aren’t easy but necessary still.

  • It’s important to prioritize tasks. If something isn’t working out or you can’t see progress, it isn’t worth your time.

    • True
      Definitely not worth wasting all your energy on.

  • I think there have been times when I have subconsciously been looking for a way out. I have to constantly remind myself that this is worth it sometimes. But, I just keep on going.

    • Lol, good to see that’s not just a “me” thing!

  • Carina

    Beautiful write up and I enjoying reading it.

    • Thank you Carina, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Very good point when it comes to letting go. People would always say that we shouldn’t give up but really, there are things that we have to learn to let go. These things pretty much sums it up! Good article!

  • Elizabeth O.

    You’ll eventually realize when it’s time to let go. What you’re doing should be something that’s fulfilling, maybe not always but that’s the general feeling, you know, you feel happy or satisfied. But when you’re feeling drained or just “not there” anymore, you know it’s time to move on. Spot on signs, you nailed it!

    • Exactly!
      And we usually know when we need to go.
      Thanks 🙂

  • This is so great. I totally agree. We really need to listen to our hearts because we just know when it’s time. Pinned 🙂

  • DT

    Awesome post— So much i can relate to and so much truth here.

    — DT | Here I Scribble

    • Thank you DT,always good to hear that!

  • Chuck

    We all probably been to situation so everything is a choice. These are very good points!

    • Thank you Chuck
      Glad you think so 🙂

  • Blair Villanueva

    Never give up easily, try and try and be brave and tough. But if anyone or anything comes in your way, and trying to stop you… you are free to slap that negativities out, coz you only accept winning

    • And that’s how you decide what you take from life!
      Hehe, thank you Blair, I just love how you put this 🙂

  • Awesome post!! Number 8 says it all, yesterday is gone for a reason; but we can do something about today and tomorrow.

    Damiloves blog

    • Exactly, all we have is now.
      Thank you Damiloves,glad you thought it was awesome 🙂

  • thank you sooo much for this…. being the kinda person I am….i find giving up to be hard even when I know am. supposed to am like just at keep going… don’t bend your principles, you gotta win but sometimes if you don’t bend you break…. So this post really spoke to me..thanks alot.

    • That’s so good to hear, thank you for reading!

  • Blair Villanueva

    This is great! In my case, when I tried it the second time and still nothing happen, I won’t insist to try again.. I’ll leave it and move on to the other. Save me time and energy, and have chance to learn more.

    • So right — every effort that doesn’t yield anything just shows you one more method that isn’t right.

  • I had given up on my marriage about six years ago because we were just not working out and we each worked on ourselves and we ended up getting back together two years later and we are better than we have ever been in fifteen years. It shows that walking away is sometimes the best choice and it doesn’t mean you can’t walk back in.

    • Wow
      That’s a real lesson point there.
      And yeah, sometimes we’re just not ready for something at that moment and sometimes broken relationships can be amended.