Five Ridiculous Lies Society Is Feeding You With

| “The problems of today’s youths were no longer a Sunday supplement, or a news broadcast, or anything so remote and intangible. They were suddenly becoming a dirty, shivering boy, who told us that in this world we had built for him with our sweat and our blood, he was not only tired of living, but so unscared of dying that he did it daily, sometimes for recreation”. |

-Spider Robinson, Callahan’s Cross time Saloon


I miss the good old days.

I honestly do.
Life was definitely less complicated.
Admit it, society wasn’t half as crazy as it is today ten years back.
So called “advancements” and the product of the jet age we live in has definitely brought in more than we’d anticipated.
The sad part?
They have surrounded us rather thickly, that we’re starting to embrace them as normalcy.

(They aren’t).

Now while some of them can be overlooked every once in a while, some of these junk are just too heavy to be taken lightly, and they are damaging mentalities,, individual lives, and our society as a whole.
Here is what I’ve compiled to be five of the most ridiculous of them all:

1. Everything Is After The Clothes Go Off. Or Aren’t Bothered To Be Worn At All.


I couldn’t possibly think of anything that deserved to top this list other than this.
Nothing at all.
Can you? (Hit me up in the comments section if you can.)
Everything (and we all know that this sort of everything really does mean everything), is pointing towards the “Most Mighty S-E-X”.
From the Music industry, Hollywood, Fashion, Trends, Social media, Magazines, all of them, hammering it as loudly as they can to every one of us.
It’s all about being appealing to the opposite gender.
And if you think you should be appealing to yours too, apparently that’s fine today.
Even in situations where they can’t afford to exhibit it too loudly, it’s only just repackaged, properly coated and presented as craftily as possible.
It’s why the United Nations, as at 2015, recorded a total of 250,000 rape cases annually.
And that was for 65 countries only(there are about 195 recognized countries in the world).
And yeah, those were reported cases alone.

It’s why one in every five females has been a victim or near-victim of a rape incident.
It’s why one in every two females has been a victim of another sort of sexual violence excluding rape, and over 70 percent know their rapists; they aren’t strangers.
It’s why one of the biggest problems of the average person today is sexually related (turns out it’s the third most searched “How To…” question on Google as at the time I’m writing this, sometime in June.)
It’s why the adult movie industry makes approximately 10 to 14 billion yearly.

Because we have become hooked on this lie. Because we have accepted.
How sad is this?
Darling, everything isn’t after the clothes go off.
Stop swallowing this big fat lie. Turn your eyes when they flash it into them. Cover your ears.
This is an addiction that isn’t easy to break free from.
My two cent advice? You don’t want to get hooked deeper and deeper.
Take off your shoes and flee from it.
Not because it’s morally wrong alone, mind you.
But for your head, your mind, and your sanity. For you.

2. Get Money. Die Trying
Everyone fears poverty. And that’s a good thing.
But there’s something called balance, and that’s where we never want to draw the line.
     It’s the thing about money: We see how good it is, we see the Porsche and the Mansions it’s buying,and we get lost in lust (pun unintended. Hehe).
It’s all about the money, everyone and everything tells us..
But dear society, there are a good number of things money unfortunately doesn’t have enough to buy.
Yes, you’d be comfortable and wealthy, and like they say it’s much better to do your crying in the backseat of your Bugatti, but when life really hits, it has the power to push one to that point that they’d desperately wish to trade it all for a tiny taste of peace.
Of joy. Of fulfilment.
These are the things you won’t be able to exchange money for.
Do get the money.
But peradventure you never get to be listed as Forbes’s 100 richest men in the world, you shouldn’t die.
You should live. Live unapologetically. Live fully. Live with life.

3. If you don’t flaunt it, you don’t got it


Everybody is flaunting something today. Everybody has to flaunt something today.
It’s mandatory now. Else you just might be left behind.
You have the great body? Flaunt it.
Your daddy’s a billionaire? Flaunt it.
You know a celebrity? Flaunt it.
You just got that expensive *Insert preferred item here*? Flaunt it.
It’s why Instagram is known for sucking at our Hotspots and Wi-Fi’s, because there is so much flaunted and flaunting to rub our eyes and others into.
We have grown accustomed to showing off whatever we’re fortunate to lay hands on, just because.
Oh and you have nothing to flaunt? Well society says you either get up your lazy butt and go hunting or be the odd out every time, the one who never hits 1k on Instagram, the one no one fancies.
We place our self worth in the hands of something this foolish.
We judge based on criteria this shallow.
Criteria that lands on anyone in the blink of an eye and takes off faster than you’d expect.
Criteria that the ugliest on the insides could carry and that’ll be enough.
And is it just me or are things that aren’t flaunted are always like a zillion and one times more attractive?
It’s like they flaunt themselves by themselves.
If you have what you have, you don’t need to blow the trumpet yourself.
Won’t you rather someone else did that for you?
Wouldn’t you?

4. Religion Is The Reason Behind Terrorism
Religion is not the reason behind terrorism and I will never believe otherwise. (If you do, please talk to me through the comments section!)
I have come across tons of Muslims, and a good number of them have been dear friends and I can truthfully say anywhere that I have not met more peaceful, easy going people. (I am a Christian).
We cover terrorism with the veil that it’s the battle of contradicting religions, and Muslims are posing a threat.
It’s why an obvious Muslim could walk into a public place and the air changes.
Because when we see these terrorists, we hear “Allah is the greatest” and we see Qurans in their YouTube Videos.
Terrorism is a threat to peaceful living and life. I don’t think a religion would base their ideologies on that and expect followers.
Let’s stop mixing these two.
You won’t throw your entire closet into the washing machine because you smell dirt on one or two would you?
Nope, you’d just go through them all, carefully and precisely.
These are painful occurrences and it’s hard to not desperately try to find fingers to point at, but sometimes try.
Instead of pointing that finger, place those palms together and say a prayer or two.
Lend it as a helping hand instead.
Let’s not go picking at wounds and infecting them some more, okay?

5. Life Is Hard


    Life is not hard.
Life is also not a bed of roses.
Life is not partial to anybody.
Life is not after anybody.
You know what life is? Life is life.
And you know what life is(again)?
It’s the good times, and the bad times, mixed and shaken together. It’s the good lucks, and the terrible occurrences, the birth and the deaths, the fun and the scary, the hard work and the flexing.
You know why we like to see it as hard?
We look at it from one angle alone: We are either expecting it to be all sunshine and rainbows and velvet cake with icing on the top, or we have chosen, to avoid all disappointments all together, to look at it as cruel and tough and partial and all things horrible.
Gather the strength, toughen your insides, focus less on what the outsiders are saying, don’t be deceived by the perfections and smooth-ride-all-through they try to tell us they possess and is possible if you have billions in your account.
No one is getting it like that from life.
Instead, with all passion and strength and flexibility, approach life with full understanding and at peace with the ultimate truth that it is but life.

There are hundreds and thousands more of lies turned truth offered to us all in this century, this time, today.
Consciously or unconsciously, we recognize them.
We regard them, we acknowledge them, we know they exist.
They place barriers and they draw us backwards.
If you concur to them because they seem more pleasant than the truth, well they’d always remain here.
Only those anger and hungry for change really ever change anything.
And for every person who learns to differenciate what’s true and what’s not, well thats one less person being dragged along blindly by the world we live in, and one extra person truly living.

What do you think?
What’ll you say is your least favourite lie of them all? Which did I miss out? I really want to know!

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  • Lara

    Yeah… you’re right…

    • Glad you agree Lara
      Thanks for reading!

  • I have mixed feeling about #2. I think people have become more aware of excess and many are going the opposite way. Like tiny homes and homesteading have become so popular because more people are realizing we don’t need stuff.

    • I understand your point, Erlene Amat
      I have noticed that too, and it gladdens my heart every time.
      Thing is though, I might be wrong, but most times that I see people realising that excess isn’t necessary, it’s usually people who already got that excess and saw that it really wasn’t worth all the hype and all the stress.
      Too many people who aren’t there yet are still looking in from the outside and seeing how shiny it seems.
      Thanks for reading. (And thanks for giving me mixed feelings about my article! Finally! 🙂 )

  • Devina

    You have a interesting and honest perspective. I just visited London and the amount of wealth in the city can make your mind go to places it doesn’t want to go. It’s so materialistic that it’s sad that the whole human race is shifting its mindset and if you don’t have the means then you really get left behind. One has to really overcome those feelings and be content with what they have. But sometimes it’s easier said than done.

    • It really is easier said than done Devina, I totally agree.
      It’s so easy to be sucked into that mentality of “I should have more”. Too easy.
      But sometimes, we just have to learn to go easy on ourselves, do our best, always stay hopeful and have a heart of gratitude.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

  • prayze

    This is just so true…
    I’m always glad to read lemonslemonade blog
    God bless you hunny
    P.s don’t stop writing pls

    • Aww I won’t dear
      Thank you for your kind words always 🙂

  • I like these GIFs!

    I always watch spending money because I never want to be in debt, but I never strive to be rich. I doubt that’ll ever happen.

    Life definitely can have some hard moments but for the most part, I have fun!

    • That’s just it!
      It’s just learning to find that balance in between.
      Thanks for dropping in as always, Amber Myers.

  • I don’t flaunt it but I’ve got it lol. These are definitely ridiculous lies and I know for a fact that life is hard.

    • Hehe 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Terri Beavers!

  • I like this, you bring up some very valid points. I agree with what you say about religion and I am not at all religious but I have some friends who feel strongly about this topic and I just avoid discussing it because there really is no getting through to them.

    • I know that feeling!
      It’s such a sensitive topic and people can argue over it for forever.

  • I agree with you! That’s so true. Thank you for sharing!

  • I think there is a lot of truth to what you said. Balance is very important. People are so busy today. If people could slow down and enjoy it would be a better world.

    • It most definitely would be
      There’s so much beauty and so much hope in this world,and there always would be,but you can’t see what you don’t believe in.

  • Umm..not sure about all the points though. I try to see the good in everything and move on. But I’m happy to know that someone as young as you is expressing herself so clearly.

    • Thank you so much, Aish Padihari!
      And thanks for sharing your point of view 🙂

  • People need to not always want lots of money. They need to enjoy what they have.

    • Well said, Tara Pittman
      Money is important no doubt, but it’s definitely not everything.

  • Great perspective on society and the ideas they put in our heads! It is true that we all fear poverty. I try my best to stay out of debt, but sometimes it is difficult.

  • I agree with most of these, and honestly, I think I have got it but I dont flaunt it. I actually dont like people flaunting anything, clothes, great body, and especially not money. I find it so off putting.

    • I personally believe flaunting anything instantly takes down the value
      Money is the worst for me
      Someone recently sent me a friend request on Facebook and his profile picture was him showing me he withdrew his bank account savings first to show us all what cash looks like.
      I didn’t even bother to check anything else, I hit that precious delete button.
      So sad.

  • You’re so right. Life was so much simpler a decade ago. It has changed so fast in the last few years. You have raised some really interesting points. Thanks for sharing!

    • It sure was, too much has gone wrong now.
      Thanks for seeing my points!

  • yinnye

    I agree with what you’ve written. life’s not a competition, I’ll say people should slow down and enjoy life while still living.

    • Exactly, we’re all here on individual journeys
      Thanks for reading, ‘yinnye!

  • I totally agree that we’ve become too accustomed to everyone flaunting everything… especially since social media makes it so easy to do!

  • Thanks for shedding light on these issues. I certainly agree these are lies society feeds us but at the end of the day, it’s all about our own perspective. So whether or not we believe it and live life according to it is completely up to us

    • Yeah, it sure boils down to us at the end of the day.
      No one can impose one thing on someone else
      Hopefully more people see these things for what they are overtime.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

  • DT

    Great post— Very well written and so much truth to it. Especially agree with the “flaunting” and “life is hard” part. Also, great use of gifs.

    — DT | Here I Scribble

    • Thank you so much!
      So good to know it made some sense to you — and I really love my Gifs, (it’s sorta an obsession now), glad someone else digs them 🙂

  • A thought provoking post, this. It’s interesting to read a different perspective on society and life these days in general. Yes, it did seem a lot easier when I was younger (I’m going to go back 20-30 years – I can’t see much difference in the last ten!).

    • Hehe I wasn’t around 20 years back, so I can’t quite say.
      But I think for me, growing up and now, I see a whole lot of difference and it’s rather scary.
      Thank you for reading!

  • and i thought I’m the only one who used to feel ridiculous thinking bout ‘lies society is feeding us’. #3 & #5 just irritate me so much – I mean seriously – Do we need to flaunt it all the time !! Life is tough but then we do get options to turn it around and make good too.

    • Exactly, life isn’t a piece of cake, but it is definitely worth living.
      We just need to start looking at things right — alot of things.
      Thank you for seeing my points, Molly Kumar.

  • The most ridiculous is…” If you don’t flaunt it, you don’t have it”. Which has seriously made some ‘borrow-pose’ and living pretentiously. There’s no better truth as being the authentic person you are.

    Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…

    • Hehehe, “borrow-pose”. That part cracked me up!
      I unfortunately know too many of these kind of people.
      No better truth, my dear. None.
      Thank you Jessica!

  • Correct, correct, correct! This is all so true.

  • I agree with you on several of these points, more so on the one about religion and terrorism. I believe there are people who misinterpret things and say they’re being told to do/say something. It happens with the bible all the time AND in everyday life.

    Anyone can misinterpret anything, like this comment. Someone might say I’m being FOR terrorism/trying to make religion seem bad, but that’s not what I’m going at here.

    • I understand what you’re driving at,Fatima
      We’re so quick to conclude on this matter in specific,and it’s why it’s so controversial.
      But there’s so much we can’t understand quite clearly about terrorism and religious conflicts in general.
      We just have to keep praying for peace.
      Thanks for such an insightful comment 🙂

  • I agree in some points with this, sex is really everywhere. Although you have a good point about religion not making people terrorist remember all the crusades that happen long time ago where in the name of religion. Also not everybody takes things the same way as other so I guess some people would think and take religion to the extremes and become a little crazy. That is just my opinion but great post!

    • Of course.
      There definitely are a lot of people all over hiding under the religion umbrella to act out, just as a good number of people who never fail to point to religion as the sole problem of it all — I agree with you.

  • michelle mink

    Number One just breaks my heart. It is devastating when rape or sexual assault happens to anyone but it is even more disgusting to me that it mainly happens with people the victims know.

    • I know right?
      That’s the saddest part — predators are usually not strangers. Rather sick.

  • It is hard sometimes not to believe some of the nonsense that is sent out there sometimes. But all we can do is try our best and be happy with what we have.

    • True! So much filtering, so much work 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  • I agree with you. If you are secure you don’t feel the need to flaunt.

    • Very true
      You know what you have — no one else has to.

  • You make all valid points. In this fast moving paced life, no one is stopping and thinking what are we working towards? I’m so glad I read this today for a better perspective on everyday living. Thank you!

    • Glad I could be of help, Veena
      Thank you for reading!

  • clap! clap!! clap!!
    And there you go! Nailing the hardest truth. I totally agree the most with No #3 and No #4
    Seriously, our mentality about some things need to be changed.
    Great share Ima! And i hope to meet you in person someday:)

    • Thank you Tunde Sanusi! And it’s been forever,what happened?
      So good to hear from you again 🙂

      • Yeah it is!

        Was having trouble with my phone device, i hope to get a better one soonest:)

        You’re such a darling!

  • Rosey

    I’m always amazed at how easily led astray we all are, and why we don’t do anything about it. Electronics is another I’d add… we’re led to believe everything is perfectly find and safe stored on the cloud (and I do mean everything). But I don’t believe it. I think it’s setting us up forpotential disaster.

    • That’s so true.
      Gadgets and smartphones in general have caused a lot of harm to us than good — so much.
      And it has taken over everywhere!
      Thanks for chipping that in.

  • Great article. I feel so correct in each of your statements.

  • aziel morte

    Such a great post I enjoyed reading this

  • CourtneyLynne

    You definitely made some valid points!!!! I try not to flaunt things. I learned my lesson when I was younger that, that only gets you in trouble!

    • Oh yeah
      Alot of trouble if you’re not careful or just unlucky
      Thanks for reading!

  • Elizabeth O.

    I’m glad not everyone thinks the way people think these days! Thanks for saying the things we couldn’t. I guess it because people are more open to sharing things these days that they think sex is something to expose and talk about as well. I can totally relate to that bragging about everything part as well, especially the kids. It’s not healthy. It’s also not healthy to base all your views in life on how many likes you get from a picture that you posted!

    • And the disturbing part is that too many people find this so easy to do, and hard to snap out of.
      It’s so unhealthy and it’s so backward.

  • The kids these days are so much more “out there” and it’s a little scary because they’re the ones who will take us forward in to the future. I don’t know why we’ve come to be like this society that needs to sell and show everything we have through social media likes. Something must be done, but where do we even start, I wonder.

    • It really is scary.
      Well I do believe it’s an individual thing. And change won’t come over everyone instantly.
      If one person sees sense in this, that’s one less person succumbing to all the nonsense.

  • Ana

    You have made some valid points in this post! The whole world is running behind the shallow streams of materialism. But there are many things in life that money can’t buy and most important is happiness!

    • Exactly! No amount of money is enough to purchase it — but chase after money long enough and you just might loose it!

  • Nifesimi

    So true..

  • Olaitan

    This post is soo spot on. Flaunting has to be the most annoying. Like, some people literally live for it now and it’s so sad. Life isn’t hard with God by our side.

    • I’m glad you see the point
      We just need to reset the way we look at a lot of things.
      Thanks for reading!

  • Interesting post! I think I agree with most of these and dislike it when people flaunt that they have too.

    • Yeah, I find it rather pathetic and pitiful more than I hate it though.
      Thanks for reading.

  • You are so right. Sex and money are driving our society. They are taking the place of our family and morals. Our young people are getting their priorities all mixed up.

    • Unfortunately so.
      Too much is wrapped around these two now sadly.

  • With some of your ways of thinking I agree but not with everything. But it´s obvious, we are all different and have different opinions. And yes, life is not hard but from time to time you don´t have even a bit of energy to think about it and you just say, oh, it´s so hard.

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

    • Yeah I agree with you Gabrielle
      Life can hit us that hard sometimes,we just have to always return our minds to the things we have and can still be grateful for if we choose to be.

  • I like how you have positively argued against these things being believed by the society.
    I too have wondered how religion can be behind terrorism, when each religion teaches to live peacefully! It is people who interpret it wrongly create all the problems.

    • Exactly.
      I do not know of any religion that preaches anything else — alot of people are simply doing evil under that disguise!

  • Jospeh

    Thank you, nice read.

    • You’re welcome, thank you for taking the time out to read!

  • Fisayo Bayo – Banjoko

    Answering your question, my least favorite lie of them all is No. 3 (If you don’t flaunt it, you don’t got it). I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the post Ima. Keep up the excellent work.

    • And the craziest part?
      The ones that have it all usually flaunt very little.
      Thank you so much, Fisayo!