Sunshine Blogger Award

So I normally do not blog on a weekend, but I just got nominated for my first award! 💃💃💃
I’m grinning like crazy right now, because this means plenty to me!

via GIPHY is grateful ☺.

Thank you so much to the awesome WordPress community I’m blessed to be a part of (even though I’m on the platform).
Nothing like having such a fantastic support system. Ever.

So first of all, anyone nominated is expected to:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you

2. Answer questions given by the one who nominated you

3. Nominate fellow Bloggers

4. Give them 10 questions to answer

So first off, a huge thank you (and a happy happy birthday!) to the awesome blogger, BilingualVegetable at Ramblings of a bored teen.
Do take out the time to check out his blog, his articles are really simply amazing!

Next, I’d be answer ten questions given to me by him! Here we go:

1. What is your idea on true love?

Personally, that’ll be what 2 Corinthians 13: 4-8 from the Bible tells me is true love. And it speaks of something so pure and beautiful and selfless.

2. What motivates you to get up in the morning?
My desire to make the most of my days, now more than ever of late. Time is slipping by and I have plenty I need to achieve.

3. What is your take on religion?
I’m a Christian. But I do no consider it a religion personally. It is for me a way of life, a manner of living and something personal between me and Him who I have full trust in, and not generally with a community of other people.

4. Do you remember your favorite dream, and if so what was it?
Hehe. Uhm, my favourite dream is anytime I dream of my high school friends. Like they say, you can’t know how to appreciate what you have till it’s gone. I don’t think any of us knew how to appreciate High School till Graduation day came and went.

5. Why did you start writing?
It’s my first love. Short and simple. I have been at it for as long as I could hold a pencil and I get immense joy (and sore fingers back when I preferred writing with pens) from it. Every time.

6. If someone was to do something hurtful to you, what would you do? Forgive them, forget them or take revenge and why?
Lately, I have been — I’d use the word, evolving. Acting better. Being better. So plenty of the things I’d make a fuss about back then, I’d rather just let it slide and avoid that person if possible.
I’m all about living a peaceful life right now.

7. Have you ever been bullied or bullied someone?
I have never bullied. However, I used to be really intimidated back in my early teen years. But that was due to my insecurities and allowing people whose opinions about me that didn’t matter, matter.
But nothing physical.

8. How much attention do you pay to how you look?
Of late, little. I wear makeup once a week, I think a naked face is the most beautiful thing ever, I don’t bother about what I’m wearing much as long as it’s black and it’s comfy.
I’m putting in extra efforts to love myself and i’m making sure everyone else knows it too.

9. Which is the strongest emotion you feel?
Love, actually. Maybe because it’s the meaning of my name. I am such a lover. I love love.
And so I love to display that love a lot. I smile at the random stranger looking lonely or lost, I give too many compliments all the time (toooo many), I just make sure I pass the love around as much as I can.

10.Try to summarise your personality in 30 words or less.
I am an unpredictable, reserved, Indoors-kind-of-girl who laughs plenty and thinks nothing is more beautiful than an intelligent, poetic, lovely soul who loves black as much as I do.

This was plenty of fun. (I love answering questions!)

So now, I’d be nominating some of my favorite Bloggers and I just have to start with Sherrie at Sherries always write !
I have such deep admiration for her ☺. (And my very first guest post is on her site!)

Next, I’d nominate the beautiful Zainab at Heart Zainab! Her articles are always so fun, I hardly ever miss them!

Next, I’d also nominate Hassey of Candid HasseyHassey! She writes soo well!

Next, I’d nominate Alli of That’s Alli. Her lifestyle blog just rocks!

Next, Mayraxee of Zumbled Up Thoughts just has to be it! Her poems are so good it’s addicting!

Next, the amazing Bola of Peptwines gets it! She is such a great writer and her articles are so well dished, everytime!

Next on my list is the talented and witty Tunji Bamigboye of the rants of the rock dweller. All of his articles are so well put together!

Next, I’d nominate the fun and friendly Annie of Lemonade SocietySociety! I can remember how exciting it was to stumble on her blog only recently, and find it closely related to mine, and she’s doing great!
And then the amazing Akwaibom sister of mine, Joy, at Jay Bush Kinky is doing such a great job with her Natural hair blog!

I could keep this list going because I have such awesome friends in this Community but I have an article to get ready so I sadly have to stop here.

So my questions for them are:

1. What inspires you to write?

2. What’s your secret talent?

3. How long have you been writing/Blogging?

4. What’s your favorite junk food?

5. What country would you love to visit someday?

6. Who’s your biggest inspiration?

7. What’s your least favorite color?

8. What would you say is the biggest thing that has ever happened to you?

9. What was the last movie you saw?

10. What’s your favorite quote?

Congratulations to all those I nominated. I can’t wait to see your answers!


Talk to you next week, darlings!

Deliciously Yours To Savour,

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    Congratulations honey

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  • Congrats on the nomination I hope you win

  • Oohh thank you darling!! This is also my first nomination Ever!! Can totally relate with your reaction I’ve been dancing since I saw this I hope my answers are as good as yours!! Thank you for appreciating my blog!! Means d world to me

    • You are totally welcome Annie! You definitely deserved it ☺, and I cannot wait to read your answers. Keep rocking!

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    Congratulations ma’am….a lot more coming

  • Hey babe, check out my answeres to your lovely nomination!
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