The One Competition We Forget To Tackle In Life

| “If you dont have peace, it isnt because somebody took it from you, you gave it away.” |


–John C. Maxwell, Be A People Person.

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(This is an article requested by a dedicated and awesome reader of mine, Nife, asking if I could write a post on our competitive nature as humans and why most people naturally feel envy towards the successful ones and what to do about it all.
If you have a topic you would love to see me write about related to my niche, I would be honored to do so, please let me know!)


So, we all know to know who doesn’t have our back.

(Including the “frenemies” on our contact list too)

They don’t want the best for you and I, and we have to keep that in mind, because they’re headed for the same finish line we’re heading for.

Or standing in our way.


And so the competitors in our fields and around us are our competition.

Further Maths and Advanced Chemistry and Physics are competitions (for the parts of our heads reserved for not-so-freaking-tedious things).

An obsessed ex of your significant other, way prettier than you (so you think),that he’s still in contact with, is a a competition.

The one person who’s been winning “Staff of the month” and “Student of the year” is a competition.

The brains and beauty that naturally and unintentionally makes everyone else look small and feel uncomfortable is a competition.

We know them all. And our eyes are on them big time.



We love when they do something wrong, we hate it when they do everything right. They hold us back, they keep us back, they give us a headache and they are the reason we aren’t number one.



If you still operate under this mentality, you really are missing the bigger picture.

Here’s why:


You Have No Real Competition Outside That Body Of Yours

The only opponent withholding you and scaring you, emerges from within.

We only just know how to create the alternative not-worth-our-while-but-we’d-focus-on-them-anyway versions (that look very threatening, no doubt).

And we make lots of them.

We know how to point fingers and roll our eyes and mutter the curses (or maybe only in our heads when we don’t want to get in trouble), but the real battle we should be focused on is going on right inside every one of us.

It’s where the envy that you feel when that person gets the raise you wanted needed lies.

It’s where the anger that emerges when you didn’t do as well as they did develops.

It’s where the malice, the bitterness, the insecurities, the worry, the fear, all of it, is conceived.

They weren’t implanted by some random person, and they didn’t crawl in on their own, we gathered the seeds from outside, we planted and watered and gave them life, every single time.

And our emotions, our feelings, our reasoning mentalities, our lusts, are the biggest enemies to deal with.

They battle constantly to gain the upper hand, to rule us, to ruin us, and they need to be tamed.

(They could always use a little reminder about who’s Boss.)


(So, no. Don’t be Homer Simpson).


And how?

Give It A Rest On Competiting Against Anything Outside You. Let’s Do You First.

You know what I tell people, because I recently understood it myself?
Nobody would ever be able to take your spot. (If it really truly was meant for you).
It is never going to happen (and last). So they’re really not worth stressing over as much as we like to.

Nobody will ever be able to sit on your throne, take your true life partner, steal your friends if they really are your friends, earn your spot at school or work, take down your worth unfairly, you name it — no one.

(And even when they try to, there’s this fellow we call Karma I.e Cause of Law and Effect; he never fails to pay a visit to deserving hosts).
Stop worrying about where others are that you aren’t, stop comparing your achievements that look insignificant (in your eyes) next to theirs, focus on your business instead. For yourself.

Practice being happy for other people’s achievement if you never know how to be.
Compliment them for the littlest things at the most random times as frequently as you can.
(I’m not sure why this is so hard to see in today’s society; nothing bad would happen if you see what you want with someone else and you think they rock for getting it first, I promise.)

Help people as often as you can.

All of these help to kill pride and jealousy and all other negative energy.


And when you focus on yourself long enough, you start to not see bother about whatever anyone is or isn’t doing.
And instead, you learn one smarter tactic:

Keep Your Friends Close, And Enemies “Competitions” Closer

Start liking those “Competitions”.
Okay. Scratch that. Start loving them.

When we start to look at them as challenges to overcome to help us overcome and not as stumbling blocks, they redirect our focus to the real battle.
I’d explain.

So, months back, I grew a rather fat ego towards a friend that I watered and fed for a good while.
It was an ego that I was always ready to pin on this equally pompous persona as being the reason I had to be this way.
I mean, if he could act all proud like the most important here (and he sure knows how to), why couldn’t I?
I’m glad I stuck around this person for a long while; he burnt me out!
I had to shed all of it and force myself to adopt meekness.
It was exhausting!
I was focusing on him as my problem at first. But he wasn’t.
It was me who needed the work. I needed to see that it wasn’t a competition of who would text earlier who would apologize first — no matter who’s right or wrong, it was coming to see that that wasn’t necessary, because like someone said:

 “There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience”.

Am I glad about it? More than I can ever explain.
That one single relationship has taught me humility for the rest of my life.
It forced me to become better, reason better, act better and grow out of a backward mentality.

He’s still egoistic as ever. Sorta. (I make sure he knows I know too).
But me? I love how he forced me to break that habit without even realizing it.

The competitions we so much like to focus on can actually be that which pushes us to want to evolve to a better version of ourselves, not a better version in comparison to them.
Not who does better between you both, but who looks better than their yesterday man.
You can keeping looking at them as a problem and your reason and your excuse it you can use them as the remedy.

“I deserve this just as much as that person too!”
” Why are they just so darn lucky?”
“Why can’t I get it too?”



Chances are, most likely, you’ve recently asked yourself one or more or other questions closely related to this.

Once again, you lost a battle and you believe the universe has wronged you once more as it enjoys to do.

Let’s look at this together and I’d try to convince you why you got it wrong:

Now, when they get those goodies that we swear should have been ours, there are only two ways it could have happened:

1. They went the hell after it

2. It came running towards them

Now, if they’d gone after it, and most times, you wouldn’t know how hard or smart, well we can’t really say much about it.

The part that gets our tongues wagging the most is when they didn’t, when they just got so darn lucky as usual.

Now when this happens, here is what I also recently found out for myself:

They Did Not Deserve It.

You don’t claim “deserving rights” on something you never worked for. (For Christians, this is how the concept of Grace works)

Don’t look at that as you deserving it as much as they did, they didn’t and neither did you. You deserve better.

If they could grab it that easily, don’t want it that badly. Really.
And finally, one last pointer as I wrap this up, in dealing with the real problem:

It’s Time To Get Acquainted With The Stop Signs

And when I say stop signs, I mean the real challenges, excluding the human beings involved.

That is, the reason you can’t seem to be as productive as you want to be to achieve those goals.

The reason you can’t focus at work or school as you’d like to, the reason any pretty girl 20 inches close is a competition and you automatically feel insignificant. The reason someone makes a joke about your hair in the presence of others and you are ready to commit murder.

Exclude the characters, answer the question why.

And don’t be scared to answer them as honestly as possible to yourself.
If there is one thing I urge you to take away from this article, it’s to remind yourself constantly that treating a disease from it’s root if you want a long lasting solution is the best approach to go, and it always starts from you.


So take down the Kingpin, and watch everything else become history.

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Who else agrees with me?
If You Liked Reading This As Much As I Loved Writing It, Or Anything In Mind Really, I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts Through The Comments Section!
Deliciously Yours To Savour,

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  • Hemarh Nuel

    Thanks For this helpful write up ,IMA. Though sometimes the decision to overlook competitions might be difficult though.

    • Yeah, true
      But before we’re able to focus on us, we need to take our eyes off them.

  • Lara

    Thanks for this beautiful write up hun
    it will be very helpful

    • You’re very welcome Lara.
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    You know I love your voice #podcast

    • Hehe ☺
      One of my biggest Podcast fans
      Thank you, Lemah!

  • charlie

    This is amazing that’s one word for this post,very nice ima

    • Thank you so much Charles
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  • You left me breathless… I am Speechless dear… Well scribed and well done ladyBoss!

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  • This Article is really a great one, i do love it. nice job sweedy!

  • Killy

    Wow, this is a really nice post,i didn’t get to listen to the podcast(due to low data). To be honest, i love competitions, i am addicted to  competiting with either my friends or my Sibling but now I’m going to try do me first, but to like the competitors is going to be very very difficult for me.
    This was a very very helpful post,you know i don’t really like long article but this was worth reading(all your blog post are worth reading and highly worthy of my time). Tho i will love to listen to the podcast but maybe later. By the way who is the egostic garçon ?????

    • Hehe
      Thank you sooo much Killy darling ☺
      1. Yeah, liking competition is hard, but try to see them as not the main problem — cos they aren’t.
      2.I am so glad it was helpdul, thank you again for such sweet words, and I hope you can get the podcast soon!
      3. Lol, I am still tight with this garcon, so don’t worry, someday I would definitely point him out to you .. Hehe
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  • JN

    This was very helpful. I’m naturally not a competitive person, but I really liked what you wrote and the tips that you gave. I’ll definitely keep those things in mind. 🙂

    • That’s really good, and I do hope it helps plenty whenever it’ll be needed!

  • Nifesimi

    Thanks ma’am I appreciate….and about the first to send a chat I think it’s pure pride most girls do that yeah? kiddn…main lesson here is we can’t all be successful at thesame time we all have our time…thanks Ima

    • Lol
      That instant is during misunderstandings, those times no one is willing to make the first move
      And true, we all have our own moments, and they would definitely come.
      Thanks for stopping by, Nifemi!

  • Hi Ima

    Nice thought on the competition and you are so right. There is no competition, there is enough space for everyone to make a difference.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care

    • Exactly
      More than enough, nobody can dim your light unless you stop focusing on it and start obsessing about theirs
      Thank you so much Ikechi!