Five Reasons To Worry Less And Five Ways How

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free”.

— Jim Morrison
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Things are easier when we have the remote control in our hands.
We see what we want to, we know what’ll be coming next. We call the shots.
Everything is nicer this way.
Much nicer.

Sadly, this isn’t how it works with life.

We usually aren’t quite sure what to expect.
Things won’t always go as we planned them.
We can’t control much.
And the knowledge of all of this only adds to our fear.

It’s not like we enjoy worrying these already jam-packed heads of ours.
Heck no.
We just can’t help it.
There is so much fighting to get our attention.
We can’t help but give in. To a lot.
However, this habit of worrying, apart from offering us no solution as to what we’re worried about, causes a dozen and one setbacks at the end of the day.
And as there are countless number of things that are thrown our way to get us to worry about, too many of us live in constant fear.
And no, if you ever thought otherwise, we are not supposed to live in constant fear.
So, for anyone looking to break away from worrying, what better way to start than to go over all the major reasons you need to drop this harmful habit first?
Let’s get on with it, shall we?



1. “You’re Not Good For My Health”


So, lately, this has become one of my favourite sayings.
I use it almost always.
For all things toxic.
I’ve gotten to the point where I have to make sure I make it work every time.
Nothing is as important as “me” is. And same should apply to you.

Listen to me: This thing called worrying—It’s not good for your health, darling.
Worry well enough and you might not even get to see the tomorrow that got you all worked up. (I hope not).
If this isn’t good enough reason for you to desperately want to get rid of worrying all the time, I’m not sure what would be.
It’s not going to be easy, but it’s something you can make work.
So think of your health. Make it a priority. Please.

2. You Don’t Know What The Future Holds

Okay, I know what you’re thinking; isn’t this a reason to worry more?
If you choose to look at it that way, yup, sure thing.
But I’d recommend you look at not knowing tomorrow, as a reason to worry less.
Because just about anything can happen tomorrow.

Terrible situations can take a turn for good.
Change can take place in a split second.
Anything can stroll in arm-in-arm with Tomorrow. Look forward to expecting something better than what’s here already. Tame your head not to just sit and start to conjure up all the scary things that look like they’d be hitting soon.
Stay hopeful.
3. It Won’t Change Anything. Ever.


Worrying still hasn’t gained the power to turn around where and when the next terrorist attack’ll unfortunately take place.
It won’t be able to change those test results coming out next week.
It won’t show you when next you’d fall sick and have to go to a hospital.

Rather sad, eh?
But isn’t that exhausting enough? Why bother about it still?
Why let our minds take those mounds of worries of ours and toy with them long enough only to build them into sky-high mountain like barriers, like it always hungers to do?
Stop giving your head something to play with; you’d never get it back the same.
4. You’d Never Truly Live
You worry less, you live more. Simple logic.

Imagine finding out you have just one week left to live.
With all sincerity, would you spend it locked away in your bedroom, underneath your duvet, crying your eyes out and screaming at the walls, or would you rather travel to all the places you can get to see, eat all the junks you’d normally not, and spend every minute with every single person you care about, and if you could, pass away to the greater beyond at Disneyland Paris?
I’m guessing the latter sounds more awesome.

Today, this time, this second, you will never get again, ever.
Would you rather throw it away at something you won’t be able to get anything whatsoever from or doing something with some benefit attached to it?
Your pick.
5. Bad Things Happen To Good People. And Vice Versa. Don’t Run Away From This Truth.
Again, this can easily be regarded as another reason to worry.
Again, this is vastly determined by how to look at it.
Life can offer us rather crappy things like;

“He was a young philanthropist all his life and got knocked down by cancer before 16”.
“She has always been obsessed with babies and was never able to carry a child or get a husband to stay”.

N.B: These are real-life incidents that hit people I know.

But remember things also turn out as;
“I had so many abortions, I had changed my ways already before my doctor said I’d never be able to have a baby. I just had a baby”.
“I didn’t deserve that job, I was the least qualified and I arrived at the interview hours late. They gave me the job’’.
We won’t always get what we truly deserve all the time. Good or bad. This is how life operates and no one can explain it till date.
This is a bad thing and a good thing.
When we become terrified of this is when our mind tortures us the more.
Don’t be. I urge you.
Gather up courage to accept both sides and consistently hope for the best endings in every situation.
Now, there are your reasons as to why worrying less is the better route.
But it’s one thing to be told the way, and another to be shown.
I won’t tell you I have all the How To’s, but I can give some of the basics, basics I personally work with.
Here’s to worrying less;
1. Share Control

So the popular saying is usually, “Take control of your life… Take control of your future…”.
You won’t ever be able to take full control of these things. It’s the law of life.
But to “share control”, like I like to put it, now that’s very possible.
I believe life likes to see people stand up to it.
People who don’t settle for just anything.
People who won’t accept just anything.
People who actually want something.
And are willing to go for it.
Stop contemplating the “What if’s”, just make a move at it already.
You want to actually make it into that prestigious school everybody claims is close to impossible? Devour those books like your life hangs on it. Don’t approach it mediocre-style and then get back home and start wondering if you’d even hit average score.
You’re scared of cancer or diabetes that runs through your family? Get yourself to start living healthy.
Work out, Eat right, don’t be scared of checkups, just do it!
Give everything your best shot. Every time.
2. Look At Everything From Pros And Cons Equally

Just as I gave something similar as a valid reason not to worry about the future, as good things and bad things will happen to everybody, acknowledging the possibility of this in every situation has it’s way of toughening one.
When you become at peace with this, and eventually you get hit by something(and sometimes, you unfortunately will), it doesn’t break you.
It could hurt, but it won’t hurt as bad.
We prefer to overlook this, because embracing this requires ever ounce of strength we are willing to muster, and so when something occurs, the world automatically becomes a terrible place.
There is beauty in this world. There always will be.

It doesn’t mean anticipate bad occurrences, it means there is a possibility; put it aside but don’t pretend it doesn’t exist.
3. It’s None Of Your Business

This is one tactic that I’m still learning to master, but won’t be giving up on anytime soon.

It works wonders!
And it’s as simple as Abc; if it doesn’t directly concern you (and no, you aren’t your partner, your kids, and your best friend), it shouldn’t be your concern.
If it is idle talk about you, opinions about you, negativity towards you,childish and immature displaying towards you, it doesn’t concern you.

Don’t stress it. Don’t bother your head about it. Don’t overanalyze it.
Don’t think of the “good days” and start to beat yourself up if the other person doesn’t even care one bit.
Anxiety levels would drop drastically if we stopped stressing about what we really shouldn’t.
4. Take It A Day At A Time

Today is today.

When next week comes, you’d know what to do with it.
Deal with today, right now. Today has more than enough challenges for you to tackle.
Don’t pile them up together, it just makes everything scarier.

You are no super human, none of us are, and no one expects us to be.
We are here to see life, to experience life, to live life, to enjoy life.
Bite only as much as you can chew.

5. Don’t Make Time For It


Check your calendar for me and with all sincerely, when was the last time you scheduled a meeting with your biggest fears?
Last night, in bed?
This morning, in the shower?
0n the toilet seat? In front of the pile of projects you should have been working on?

Stop sitting down to figure things out with the man called Worry.
All those sessions are going nowhere and never will.
Stop making time out to see him.
Stop letting him catch you available, idle, or worse, anxiously searching for him.
When you see him coming, duck the other way.

Tell your biggest worries: “Yeah sorry, I’m busy, and I’m not quite sure when I’d have the time’’.
And Get Busy.
Work on your personal growth, work on your life, work on everything else.
Come on, do it.
Free yourself. Only you have the power.

Now, I know there is no way of completely eliminating thinking about the important things in our lives, but with a good amount of practice and discipline, it’s very possible to worry less, think a bit, and live much, much more.

Who’s ready to begin?

If You Liked This Post As Much As I Loved Writing It, Or You Have Any Feedbacks Or Suggestions, I’d Love To Hear All About It Through The Comments Section!
Have a great week, guys!

Yours To Savour,


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  • This is nice. I used to worry a a lot. But what changed for me was when I realised it can never change anything. Worrying is reallly just a waste of time.
    This post will be perfect for my friend who is a chronic worrier. Off to share it with him.

    • Exactly, it takes away none of the problems, and just adds at a couple more.
      I hope this article helps your friend Hassey, we all could definitely use a reminder every once in a while.
      Thank you for dropping in! ☺

  • Am a big fan of what you are doing asuquo..this post came at the right time I really needed the reminder thank u

  • Am a big fan of what you are doing asuquo..this post came at the right time I really needed the reminder thank u..can’t wait for ur next post

    • Aww thank you so much Samuel ☺
      That means a whole lot to me, I’m always excited to know I helped someone with an article.
      The next post would be up soon,look forward to seeing you around!

  • Spilling the truth without caution! You nailed it. Worrying is fellowshipping with the darker realm, it’s ungodly and unhealthy.
    Gracias Muchas Imaobong.

    • “Fellowshipping with the darker realm..”
      You couldn’t have chosen more exact words, Tunji.
      So dark we don’t see what it’s doing to us on time.
      And thank you so much for your kind words ☺

  • Eirene

    All my worries has been conquered today. Seriously worrying is not a thing we should put all our energy and focus on,but how we can live our life with the opportunity we still have is worth our energy, strength and focus. Nice one ma.

    • Very true Eirene
      I’m glad you got the point.
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      Thanks for reading and you’re very welcome ☺

  • Nice post. I can be a bit of a worry wort too. I try hard to play for my future, but to take each day and enjoy it. We can never control life and if we don’t live it, what’s the point. Great tips and reminders.

    • Exactly, what’s the point at the end of the day?
      We won’t truly live and we won’t see this at first.
      Thank you for reading Tonya, I’m glad this article could serve as a reminder for you ☺.

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  • Nifesimi

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    • Yeah nothing worth it is easy
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