Ten Kinds Of People You’d Fortunately Meet In Life Unfortunately

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You’re different. And I’m different too. Different is good. But different is hard. Believe me, I know.


Matthew Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock.


Life is beautiful.
And as for what makes it beautiful? You and I and everyone else here; living, breathing, existing.
We all bring our own unique personalities to the table.
Some generally considered pleasant to behold, and others, well, not so pretty.
Or so we believe.
But I like to think we all make up the pieces of this puzzle called life, and everybody has something to help to complete you.

So these are ten different sort of characters we have all come across at one time or another in our lives, how each is special and relevant, and I’d show you why this is a good thing even when we don’t always think so!

Let’s go:


1. The “Too Optimistic And Too Excited Too Much Of The Time” Association.
(Trust me, they do believe)

They’re always doing too much,eh?
They’re the ones always smiling, like their exclusive planet is made of buttermilk and chocolate-cookies and smoothies.
They never seem to be in a foul mood, and they never know how to understand us when we’re.
Their personality could be very annoying especially when we aren’t feeling the same way, and we can’t help but wonder how they always stay so happy and for what reason.
We won’t always be able to lay hands on their secret, because sometimes there isn’t one; they just focus on positivity, but one thing they do is show us that there is always something to look forward to.
There is plenty to be optimistic about. Just look. Look.


2. The “You Will Never Know How To Please Me” Association

There can’t possibly be anything good coming out of these ones, we believe.
But yeah, there can.
These people are the ones we constantly feel the need to please.
The ones we work for, the ones we work with, the ones we look up to, the ones we want to look at us back.
And you know what they do to us?
Their constant nagging and “hardness” eventually drain us.
And then we come to the realization that: “I will never be able to do right with you. And now, I can stop trying. I have to”.
So thank them.


3. The “Ooze of Confidence and Attractiveness” Association
The reason we don’t like these ones most of the time is simply jealousy.
Not necessarily jealous of their clothings or wealth.
But of how much sassiness and confidence they sprinkle wherever they go.
And that’s it: Every time they show us that that’s all we need!
Just move with that awareness that you’re the bomb (and you know it).
That you’re enough and that you are so very worthy.
Play the part, sweetheart.


4. The “Life Is Hard, So Life Changed Me” Association

These category of people are the ones that just never seem to have it easy.
The ones with all the bad luck in the universe.
The ones going from one hot mess to another.
And so, they get to a point that they’ve totally had it, and they pick up a totally different mask.
If you don’t study these ones well, you’d think they have every right to result to that.
But if you look at things from a calm, unemotional perspective, you’d notice four little bits of truth hanging in a corner:
They Had A Choice.
Everyday we wake up and life hits us all, we have plenty of choices.
But we don’t want to see that because when we do, that voice of self-pity and all those other lies … unintentionally flee.
I hope that you see this each time you come across them. And help them do the same too.


5. The “Times Ten Of Whatsoever You Got” Association
We think we know how to flare up, how to get upset and throw a tantrum and intimidate till we meet these kind of people.
And why they’re so good for us?
They indirectly help us to humble ourselves.
The trim away our pride overtime and force us to rethink rash decisions and actions.
Simply because they could actually bring forth way more than we expected.
Of course,they’re intimidating, but with them, we actually consider the need to bring what we’re feeling under a lease, so we don’t get burnt when we thought we’d do the burning.


6. The “I am so depressed, the whole world needs to know” Association
Depression is a really sad disorder. I’d tell you why.
A depressed person is usually desperately in need of help, but instead, like I once explained after reading a guest post sometime back here, of attracting the help and sympathy they desire, people instead are compelled to run,simply because negative energy is very scary and exhausting,and not just to one’s depressed self.
It’s all about taking the right approach here to get the right help.
No one likes a long face.


7. The “Must Have Plenty Of Skeletons in their fancy walk-in closets ‘cos they’re just so secretive” Association

We don’t like people we can’t understand.

These kind of people make us feel like they locked our favorite toy in a huge metallic box and hid it under their beds.

But they show us something: Everything is not your business.
And some things would always remain hidden from our nosy noses.

You don’t have to know if you not knowing doesn’t kill you.

They could be hiding a secret, or they could just be people who really like their privacy — you may never know.
And as long as it really has nothing to do with you, they teach us to have little to do with it too.


8. The “Too much wisdom” Association

These are the nerds. The major bookworms that only the teachers admire.
They’d pick the company of their favorite paperbacks and solitude over any of us.

They appear as too serious, but that’s only because they set their priorities right.

They could be buzz killers, but just because there’s so much more than the petty things we hold so close to our hearts.

They show us that brains equals unquantifiable knowledge, and with knowledge comes a sense of worth, of resources and no matter how much we don’t like it and think they are boring, they’ve stored massive amount of riches just waiting to be tapped from that we could never take away from them.


9. “The Psychotic, crazy, Psychos” Association

We like to view these people as loud and just plain silly.

They’re the ones always getting into trouble and taking risks and hard to control.

Yes, a couple take their craziness to the extreme, but if you look real hard at some of them, they do show us a thing or two too.

They show us that, sometimes,doing the things that no one else really understands is a pretty beautiful thing.

That choosing to not fit in, is the best way to stand out from all the noise.

They show above all things that if you’re happy with yourself, nothing else matters.


10. The “Pep-talkers always looking to give you their $0.02 advice, so you better sit your butt down and listen” Association
And so maybe this is me. Just maybe. 😉

We’re the people who most presume have all the answers.So we listen.

We’re the people who act like we have all the answers. (we don’t).
And when you don’t want to hear some harsh bitter truth, we’d dish it out anyway.

We could be rather stern and we talk a little too much (about the most cliché topics) and when trying to get you to see a point, but only because it’s so much beautiful when you begin to see the light.

We’re the weirdos who think too much and make you think we’re antisocial. We aren’t perfect, mind you. We’re only working towards walking away from mediocre.

And so we do too much so others see the need too.
And so finally, for each character that strikes you as off, remember you’re part of this equation too.
Did I cover the major categories? I’d love to hear what you think of any of them.


Have a great weekend, beautiful people!
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Deliciously Yours To Savour,

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  • Ayo

    Lol.. Wow I love this piece.. I see my self in most of the numbers lol.. I love it

    • Hehe
      I’m glad you do Ayo
      And yeah, one can definitely fit into more than one of these categories
      Thanks for reading ☺

  • A/Azeez

    I fall in love with your perspective more and more. Making the gigqntic topics seem so small? Thats a vigoroys skill. Thank you for reminding us that,you’re one of the reasons one should be optimistic in life,after all, we matter

    • Aww thank you ☺
      And of course, everyone of us matters.
      Hehe as small as I tried to make them seem, this article was definitely time-consuming putting together than others.
      Thank you so much for your sweet words, have a great day!

  • Killy

    Hi, Some people can have the combination of attitudes that you described above for example (Ima) a friend of my is the combination of 8 and 10. I love your blog, but next time don’t be lazy ☺and give us the audio. I would like to describe myself as Number 1

    • Lool
      I appreciate your feedbacks Killy dear
      Plus my next post would definitely have an audio version
      Thank you! ☺

  • Arit ASUQUO

    Great piece Ima. Well-done.
    Everyone falls into one or more of these categories, it’s alright, it’s OK.

    • Yeah exactly the point; it’s okay.
      Thank you! ☺

  • Nifesimi

    Word for mans errday…I think I gat combinations of em…it’s pretty cool thanks for coming through again

    • Yeah, words for us all to live by
      And thank you for popping in again Nife! ☺

  • Ehime

    I absolutely love your writing..great topic, everyone can definitely relate to it. But I’m a combo of more than one of ’em . More ink to your feather pen Ima✒

    • Aww
      Thank you so much Ehime!
      I’m really glad you liked it, and found it relatable too.
      Thanks ☺

  • Anonymous

    These are all part of the value cover, Void Guises designed and assigned by the Void to keep us distracted. Outfit us with value and purpose to cause us to sleep on the truth concerning life, especially our lack of it. For it is in living with the Void as a well spring that we are Dead.
    Wonderful article. Thanks for all the hard work.
    Enjoyed it.
    Have a lovely day.

    • Yup, you’re right
      And I’m glad you grabbed that from this article.
      Thank you for your short yet thick feedback, Anonymous ☺

  • Your sense of humour combined with those GIFs made reading the article worthwhile for me. This sums up the complexity of human nature, it’s amazing how people can switch from one personalty to another. I can identify with some of the above ‘Associations.’

    • Hehe, it’s really good to know you can relate Bola!
      True, we sure know how to port from one of these categories to another, when we feel the need to.
      Thank you for your nice words, so good meeting you ☺

  • This post is very interesting but object my Lady!
    Is being TOO Optimistic not a good idea?

    P.S: am having trouble downloading your podcast

  • This post is very interesting but objection my Lady!
    Is being TOO Optimistic not a good idea?

    P.S: am having trouble downloading your podcast:/

    • Yeah exactly, being too optimistic is of course a good thing.
      Thing is, we don’t always see it like that all the time, as a result of some surrounding circumstances.
      For example, imagine an optimistic Nigerian in these times.
      Just imagine.
      Most people would label such a person as “unwell”.
      They feel such people are too positive for reasons no one else can see, and a majority of us would rather look for our kind that would be willing to bad-mouth and say all things ill about the country than anything otherwise.
      Because why not?
      The synopsis of it all is sometimes we don’t see how blessed we are to have such people around, such people that consistently pour out good vibes only no matter what things look like.

      P.S: So sorry you’re having problem downloading the podcast.
      If you don’t mind, I could send it straight to your mail.

      • I seeeeeeee!
        Lol @bad-mouth | The current economy situation ain’t easy at all, i felt it the most when i renew my domain 2days ago as they always charged in dollar currency.
        I hope your side is doing great? I won’t mind receiving the podcast via mail | i guess you should be able to know my mail by now

        • Lol, I can imagine.
          Yeah, I’m good here,thank you. I hope you’re alright too.
          And yeah, I got your email address, I’d send you the Podcast asap ☺

  • Ima, I love that it seems you covered all associations. Well spoken dear! I look forward to joining several of the associations myself

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Sherrie!
      It is very much appreciated ☺

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful!! I love reading blog like this. Very inspirational.

    • Thank you very much ☺
      I’m so glad you liked it, do stick around!

  • Nice Piece here… Big Ups!

    • Thank you so much
      I’m glad you liked it!

  • Lara

    I love this

    • Thank you so much Lara
      And thanks for reading too!