Ten Big Life Questions We’d Rather Avoid And Why

| Courage doesnt happen when you have all the answers.

happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. |


Shannon L. Alder




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So I got an e-mail last weekend from a friend about how last week Friday’s post on Productive Lifestyle Habits got him asking specific questions to himself.

How many of us do that, question where what we are?

Sit down to talk to ourselves?

Because so long as you are psychologically aware the one throwing questions and the one answering are both you, no one is going to label you mad.


In fact according to a post on Elite Daily, it even helps our brain work efficiently:


“…Talking to yourself, it turns out, is a sign of genius.

smartest people on earth talk to themselves. Look at the inner monologues of the greatest thinkers. Look at poetry! Look at history!…”


And so I got thinking and came up with ten huge and maybe a little hard to summon sincere answers to, which is that one reason we usually prefer to skip them when they pop up in our heads.

But if we attempt to look for an answer to them, they have the ability to force us out of comfort zones and out of tight stagnant zones to better places.
Ready to give them a try together?


1. If I were to leave Earth right this second, can I say I did something worthwhile?
Death. Scary topic, yes?

 But really, can I?
Can I pinpoint one act of mine that cannot but stick in the heart and minds of a person or people for as long as they would live?

Would I panic or would I be at peace knowing for the time I was here, I did good with myself and made good come through myself? 

Did I really do something or did I choose to settle with just existing?


2. Do I love myself?

I do? Great for me.

Now the main question, why?

Do I love myself because there is no other sensible option or because I have seen others love me for what I have become or what I do or what I am and so I am now justified to being lovable?

Have I come to love me for the right reasons that even if no one else believes I’m worthy, their opinions are invalid?

Do I understand how loving myself works or do I still depend on others to show me an example or a reason first?


3. Is it really worth it?

Each day that I wake up, every goal I pursue, every achievement I hit, every action I carry out, every sweat that drops, every heartache, every headache, every sleepless night, are they worth it?

Are the situations and the people behind it worth it?

Do I push myself towards worthwhile plans alone or do I just chase any pretty butterfly that catches my fancy and just “go with the flow”?


4.What would I say my purpose is?

Or have I somehow been infected with the notion that I came here to wake up, go out, go home and die?

Have I discovered the reason for being right here, right now?

If I haven’t, have I taken time out to attempt to find out?

Have I been awaken to the need to?


5. Where am I right now — My past, my present or my future?

Am I held back by previous life errors, circumstances and experiences that have taken place and refused to move from that spot?

Or am I too preoccupied by the knowledge that I have no knowledge as to how the future — my future, would turn out, and so I become sucked into that in the now?

Or am I living in this moment, unfolding each chapter after I properly digest and close the last?


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6. Is there a Status Quo cliché still holding me down?

Is there a mentality that I consistently wake up and go around all day with?

Is there a notion working in my head as at this moment?

How did this get implanted in my head, and for what reasons did it give me?

How long has this built a home in my heart?

How deeply rooted has this seed become?

Am I ready to begin the tough journey, by gathering strength to uproot and burn this weed polluting how I look at life and my perceptions of my potentials or am I going to sit at this point and limit myself because I am too weak to go for something better?


7. Based on my daily routines right now, where should I expect to find myself in five years to come?

Evaluating myself on the fact that I wake up 8:30am weekdays and I spent most of my hours reading, writing, social media time and gaming (my example), what should I expect in a couple of years to come?

And most importantly, is it the picture I want of myself in five years to look like? Is it far from what I want?

And finally, what am I willing to do about that?


8. Am I scared of letting people get close to me?

No? Good for me.

Yes? (like the answer often is), why is this so?

Have I been let down or abandoned or taken for granted when I wasn’t scared of this?

Has this led me to keep acidic thoughts and feelings burning harshly in me when it should be released?

Has this forced me to become anti-social,a trust-no-one-everyone-will-abandon-you advocator?

Have I made myself believe I deserve to believe this? 

But have I looked at the cons too?


9. What is the topmost priority in my life right now?

Why is this so?

Is it a priority because that’s just how it’s supposed to be or is it a priority because I have, by myself, discovered it’s importance and benefit to me?


10. What is the one chance I have refused to take?


The fear of failing and ultimately looking stupid? Is it too large? Sort of out of this world? Too demanding? Plenty of work?


But is there a profit attached? If I somehow managed to forge towards it, is there a massive result that should follow? Do I worry that I would have regrets if this passes me by?
And for the question of what if?

I should find out myself, shouldn’t I?
Shouldn’t you?


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Here’s a quick reminder from one of my favourite authors to take with you into the weekend, culled from Goodreads.com:


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  • Arit ASUQUO

    Thoughts provoking , as usual. Well done Ima.

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  • These might be difficult questions but, they are so necessary. Purpose is so important.
    This is why I became a purpose coach.

    I know what it is like to feel like you don’t know it.
    This was a nice piece!

  • One could see them as such.
    And yeah I’m sure you do have an idea about the importance attached to trying to find these answers, no matter how tough.
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    Glad you liked it.

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  • Charlie

    Nice write up,some of this questions come up but i dismiss them cos am not ready to answer them,with this am certainly able now.

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    I hope you get all the fresh awareness you can through them.
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    Ummm Its a cool one tho…., Nice article.

  • These are all hard questions to answer but once you do your life will definitely change. Thanks for another thought provoking post

    • Very true
      We don’t have to have all the answers all at once
      But it’s important we all try to dig for it.