Six Short Life Lesson Stories From Six Strangers That Stuck

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“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”

― Terence McKenna


When the idea to write this blog post popped into my head more than three months ago over a cup of steaming hot green herbal tea, one cold May morning, it started from “50 tips I wish I could go back to tell 15 years old me” to “Ten Life Lessons I Learnt From Ten Awesome Friends”.

And about a month later, it struck me. 

“Six Life Lessons Stories From Six Strangers I Came Across’’.
Why? These ones hit harder. I found them far more beautiful. I’d be taking them all to my grave. And yeah, I won’t have to bother about changing character names. 

Now I’m not doing this to ridicule, put down, or flatter anyone—the characters or myself, but to share life pointers that have rebalanced and redirected and refocused and rearranged my reasoning. 

  I kept each as sharp and short as possible, but I want you to get comfy and enjoy each tale, and grab a thing or two.

You ready? Let’s go!

5. Society Is Not Worth It. Clear?

It was a rather hot Sunday and I was at the only place you’d ever find me with that kind of harsh weather and on a Sunday. Church. So I sat with one of my closest girlfriends and the service was almost done when she gasped. 

I turned to her and towards the direction she was staring at but I didn’t notice anything, thanks to my short-sightedness.
So long story cut short, a young girl had her first monthlies and a good number of people (yup, guys included) had noticed. So my girlfriend went to her and told her and to our surprise, this girl went “Oh, thank you” with this huge smile. We looked at each other like “Whaat?” I mean I couldn’t picture myself not freaking out in such a position. 

At the end of the day, we got her some help and this girl didn’t feel an iota of shame walking past the guys who had and were ridiculing her.

Talk about innocence and guts.
Lesson Point: Stop fussing over things that cannot be undone. Really. 

Just shake it off and head off. Somebody’s talking? Let them talk. It’s your own life at the end of the day.Take things easy. 


Fill up yourself with peace and don’t forget to breathe.

Don’t stress it. Now drop it.

4.  People Change. Friends Leave. Life Doesn’t Stop For Anybody.

( The Perks Of Being A Wallflower)
I belong to a community. I’d rather not mention what sort for privacy and anonymity purposes. I have a friend who knew these two sisters in this same community with us. 

Apparently orphans staying with a relative. They had needs and that much was obvious. Occasionally, they got help from this community. However, all of a suddenly, they just up and left. No one knew their whereabouts, no one heard from them.
And you know the craziest part? No one cared. No one bothered asking questions, trying to reach them. Life just moved on. 

Over a year later, I discovered these girls had gone ahead to make ends meet in rather sad and degrading methods. They’d had to face the world all alone. I was filled with so much anger and sadness. Another injustice in this world. But I came to accept that this is a wakeup call. Because people don’t care.
If you don’t learn to do you, if you don’t learn to depend on you first, if you don’t learn to navigate through life,with your head high and hands clean,because people did you dirty, people would keep doing you dirty and this life would be full of disappointments for you.

It’s not fair. It’s harsh. But it’s life.

3. Everyone Won’t Recognize Your Talent Firsthand. A Few Might. Remain Unbothered.
I love success stories. I’ve read alot. We all have. I was chanced to come close enough to one. So this time last year, here in Nigeria, was Prom for me. I hit up a friend of mine at a University here, needing some connection with a cousin of his, an artiste. He informed me his cousin was on a Uk tour right now and asked if I’d be interested in an upcoming artiste at his school.

I reluctantly agreed and he sent a track of his. It was love at first hearing. The track was fire. 

Did I mention this guy wanted to perform for free? He did.

The next day I talked with the student body at my high school organizing Prom. They didn’t dig the idea. They didn’t want new. They wanted established. A couple of them didn’t see what was so special about the track. At the end of the day, majority were against.
Less than two months later, he was trending on Twitter. A couple of weeks after that, I saw his video on Trace and MTV. He was awarded artist of the year months later. Right now, he’s everywhere. Right now,the majority last year are asking if I got his contact.

Right now we wont be able to afford his charge on our own. Less than a year later.

So I say to you: Glow if you dare. Burn if you can. It doesn’t matter who’s watching right now.

You don’t need them to see at first to believe in you. They are your own goals.Potential only needs time before it’s recognized.

2. You Are Stronger Than You Can Ever Imagine. Hold On.

I once knew a lady.

To the young teen I was then, she was perfection. I still believe she is. 

Beauty on her face and in her heart were pretty much equal. 

She was an authority over me and I was filled with awe and deep regard for her.

Middle of last year, things started to change visibly. Alot of things. She was hardly around anymore.
Early this year, from a friend of mine, I found out she had just battled a terminal cancer disease and she had split from her husband because they couldnt have kids. I was so heartbroken, I shed alot of tears that night.

Why do terrible things happen to good people? No one knows. 

But I was also filled with hope and pride. Because my beautiful mentor was a fighter. She won the war over her body, and no war outside of it was any stronger.

You can win any war you choose to. You are more than much more than.

You are so much stronger than you think you are right now.

Put yourself to the test and amaze yourself.
I still don’t see her anymore. But I know she’s alright.

We’d all be.

1.You Are Very Beautiful. Yes, You Too.

Few months back, a couple of my friends from high school decided we should have a mini reunion.

It was on really short notice, and I didn’t have time to do all I would have liked. (New outfit, new weave and all the rest). 

That Saturday morning, I threw on the first outfit I saw, little extras and headed to one of my bestie’s place, where we had to do an unplanned half hour babysitting for her aunt and miss the movie we were supposed to see with our friends.
Oh, and we lost our way on the road. 

You can imagine how I arrived at the reunion. Hours later, we left together, heading home. I couldn’t wait to crawl into my shower and into bed. My tummy was filled and my makeup was far from perfect, and I really didn’t have the energy to care. I was tired, I was hot, I felt “ugh” and I was in a bad mood.

However, as we got into a bus, this really pretty woman next to me, turned to me as soon as I sat with this lovely smile and went, ‘’You are so beautiful’’.
No compliment can beat it. Ever. 

I was so stunned I just muttered ‘’Thank you ma’am’’ and that was it.

Here I was feeling all hot and gross and very far from pretty and this happened. 

And it hit me. 

We let our insecurities feed us lies and we are usually too hard on ourselves but someone else is wondering; ‘’How can you not see this??’’

How can you not see how awesome you are?

How can you not see how wonderfully made you are?

And that’s the sad part, because we won’t always have someone there to remind us, we need to learn to remember.

You are enough.

All of us, everyone of us.
Who gets me?

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    4,3 and 2 I can relate to them,very nice write up dear.

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    I get ya….this really cool…all I need to keep growing..thanks ma’am and your pretty

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